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Обзор и Скачать $7 VAC Killer (Undetectable HACK)


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Видео обзор:


Big thanks to t0m for exposing the method which his system works on.

His summary:
Didn’t Valve already fixed wallhacks?

So I am actually using multiple sources to locate an enemy:
If you are close to an enemy the server sends the player directly to you. In this state he will be rendered completely visible(solid) on the map and also ingame.
If the Enemy is not in range, I use sound queues or other kinds of information to locate the player. Normal hacks are calling this ‘dormant’ tracking. The player is displayed transparently in this state, and will fade out of when the information gets old.
Valve should bring the enemy faster into this state by creating a better visibility check, only send enemies that you should see.
This ‘dormant’ tracking can be fixed by not sending sounds across the whole map (like the jump sounds) and also anonymize the sounds, so I don’t know from which player the sound originates.
Really surprising was the fact that if a player dies and spectates a teammate that the location of this teammate is revealed to all players across the map.

The fact that people with high pings 150ms might see enemies popping up in front of them is negligible since these players should not have an advantage anyway.
Other stuff I wanted to add
There are two main pillars of cheating in CS:GO: aim assistance and vision assistance.
If Valve would fix at least the vision assistance they could focus VacNET on AimBots and inhuman mouse movement.
All of the sv_pure bypasses would be useless since there is nothing to show.

Also shoutout to Edan’s community, they have a really good visibility detection, or as they call it fog of war, which I discovered by accident during the development. I really thought that I somehow messed up my code because only players that are visible ingame also got rendered on my map. Although they have the same issues with not anonymizing sound sources.
This is also a really good example for a not million dollar company that makes cheating hard.

There is even a video of some individual who also programmed an “anti-wallhack”-plugin

(You see the ESP-hitboxes disappear as soons as then hidden behind a wall)
About the leak
I guess there was indeed a leak half a year ago which traces back even further to the operation-hydra era,
but I did not even look into it, since at this point I had all systems already working and I was just working on the UI and some minor bug fixes.

Apart from my existing experiences with networking, Counter-Strike is built on the Source Engine, there are a lot of similarities with the officially released Source Engine base code.

In general I want to emphasize that all of this is not related to network hacks, as I mentioned before everything is also possible with regular cheats, I am just using another method of information gathering.

If you are researching some stuff, I recommend taking a look at ‘mobile cheats’ because most of them also use network sniffing.

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